Kyle Strickenberger
Interim Administrative Assistant
Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research

Kyle Strickenberger - Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research

Kyle Strickenberger joined the Cranbrook community in 2017, first as a performer at St. Dunstan’s Theatre, then as the Administrator for the Cranbrook Theatre School, and now as the Interim Administrative Assistant at the Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research. At the Center, Kyle serves as a liaison for communication between the public and Center staff, while also managing the event schedule and coordinating public and private tours of Saarinen House, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Smith House, and Cranbrook’s 319-acre campus. Kyle received a dual Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Biological Sciences and Dramatic Arts, where he simultaneously studied the fields of musical theatre and conservation science while researching in locations ranging from UNC roofs to the Hawai’ian deep seas.

For more information on the Center’s permanent Administrative Assistant position (which, regretfully, does not fit into Kyle’s long-term goals), please see the Job Description and visit Cranbrook’s employment website at

Header photo by P.D. Rearick, CAA '10. 
Strickenberger photo by Kevin Adkisson, Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research.