Daniel Smith
Digital Photographer
Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research


Daniel Smith joined the Center as its Photographer in September 2019 when he started his graduate studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art in the Architecture Department. Daniel has been in love with architecture since he was a young boy. He started gaining professional experience with an architecture firm at the age of sixteen and has been working in the field ever since. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree, with a minor in Studio Art, from Mississippi State University, where he also pursued two of his passions: ceramics and poetry. The love of these three disciplines—architecture, ceramics, and poetry—and a desire to explore their intersections, is what lead Daniel to his studies at Cranbrook. His work for the Center allows him to observe Cranbrook’s architecture through the photographer’s lens and sharpen his craft of architectural and event photography. His position at the Center is funded through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Header photograph by P.D. Rearick, CAA '10.
Daniel Smith photograph by Kevin Adkisson, Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research.