Finding Aids

Finding Aids are descriptive tools that Cranbrook Archives creates to describe and provide access to the contents of manuscript collections or institutional records. Manuscript material created or assembled by individuals or families are referred to as "Papers," for example, the George Gough Booth Papers. The materials generated by Cranbrook institutions, departments, and auxiliary organizations are referred to as "Records,” for example the Cranbrook Architectural Office Records. Finding Aids are available for all collections that have been processed. If you are interested in an unprocessed collection, please contact one of the staff archivists for assistance.

To browse a fully updated and enhanced list of finding aids for processed collections, visit our new Online Finding Aid Database, which also allows you to: 

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For quick access to individual collections, we continue to offer the list below, with PDF links. We invite you to visit the Online Finding Aid Database for the latest information.

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Abels, L. Gale Papers
Allen, Maurice B. Papers
Arnold, N. Hillis Papers 
Automotive Subject Guide

Baldwin, Benjamin Papers
Barone, Michael Papers
Benedict House Records
Biggar, Margaret Scrapbooks
Bloomfield Hills Seminary Records
Booth, Ellen Warren Scripps Papers
Booth, George Gough Booth Papers

Booth, Henry Scripps Booth and Carolyn Farr Booth Papers
Booth, Henry Wood Papers
Booth, James Scripps and John M. McLaughlin Papers
Booth, Stephen Farr Papers
Booth, Walter E. Family Scrapbook
Bromley, Kate Thompson Papers

Brookside School Records
Brose, Morris and Susanna Linburg Papers
Brown, William J. and Jane Comfort Papers
Buckberrough, John Notebooks
Buckner, Noel and Isabel Papers

Bunt, Floyd W. Papers

Cahn, Cynthia L. Papers
Capital Projects: Kingswood Roof Replacement
Capital Projects: Office Records: Cranbrook House Library Roof Replacement/East Terrace Renovation

Carmel, James H. Papers
CEC Assistant to the President for Special Projects Records
Christ Church Cranbrook Carillion Records, 1928-1991
Christ Church Cranbrook Records, 1923-2002
C.M. Hayes & Company Photograph Collection, 1928-1929
Colburn, William B. Papers
Cooper, Doug Slide Collection, 1972-2000
Corbett, Doris Papers
Coulter, Bruce N. Papers
Cranbrook Academy of Art: Assistant to the President (Bob Yares) Records
Cranbrook Academy of Art: Office of the Director (Gerhardt Knodel) Records
Cranbrook Academy of Art: Office of the Director Photograph Collection, 1970-2007
Cranbrook Academy of Art: Office of the President (Roy Slade) Records
Cranbrook Academy of Art: Office of the President (Susana Torre) Records
Cranbrook Academy of Art: Records of the Administration
Cranbrook Academy of Art: Women's Committee Records
Cranbrook Architectural Office Records, 1925-1987
Cranbrook Architecture Office Records, 1992-1998
Cranbrook Art Museum Exhibition Records, 1940-1976

Cranbrook Art Museum: Network Gallery Records
Cranbrook Educational Community: Assistant to the President Records, 1970-1989
Cranbrook Educational Community: Assistant to the President (David Hart) Records
Cranbrook Educational Community: Board of Trustees Records, 1973-1999
Cranbrook Educational Community President's Office: Lillian Bauder Records
Cranbrook Educational Community President's Office: Dr. Dan M. Martin Records
Cranbrook Foundation: Central Business Office Records, 1941-1982
Cranbrook Foundation: Faculty Housing Records, 1947-1980
Cranbrook Foundation: Records of the Executive Secretary (William Alley Frayer)
Cranbrook Foundation RGI: Office Records
Cranbrook Founders' Day Records

Cranbrook House & Gardens Auxiliary Records
Cranbrook Institute of Science: Office of the Director Records 
Cranbrook Kingswood Dance Group Photograph Collection
Cranbrook Kingswood Upper Schools: Athletic Department Records
Cranbrook Kingswood Upper Schools: Office of the Head, 1985-1995
Cranbrook Masque/Greek Theatre Rededication Records
Cranbrook Music Guild Records
Cranbrook P.M. Records
Cranbrook Press and Photo Department Records

Cranbrook School-Kent, England Records
Cranbrook School-Sydney, Australia Records

Cranbrook Schools Records, 1927-1985
Cranbrook Schools: Alumni Association
Cranbrook Schools: Board of Trustees/Governors Records
Cranbrook Schools: Office of the Director Records
Cranbrook Schools: Performing Arts Department Records
Cranbrook Skating Club Records
Cranbrook Writers' Guild Records

Crouch, Dora Polk Papers
Curtis, Roswell G. Jr. Papers

De Forest, Claude Collection of Eero Saarinen and Associates Material
Design Logic Records

Design Michigan Records
DVD Collection

Eccentric Newspaper Records
Eero Saarinen and Associates Related Materials

Farr, Emma Rothe and Merton E. Papers
Farwell, Oliver Atkins Papers
Fox, Virginia Beresford Papers

Gate of Dreams Records, The
Gaymer, Dorothy Papers
Gehron, William Papers

Glick, John Papers
Gliders, Inc. Records
Goldman, Jack M. Collection
Graham, Jeanne Papers

Griffin, Gary Papers
Grotell, Maija Papers
Grotell, Maija Subject Guide

Hammarstom, Olav Papers
Hatt, Robert T. Papers
Herbst, George Papers

Hickey, Walter Papers
Hirneisen, Richard Photograph Collection, 1971-1995
Horizon-Upward Bound Records

Ingvarsson, Ruth Papers 
Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies Records

Johnson, Roger T. Papers
Just, Ward Swift Papers

Kausch, John W. (Jack) Photograph Collection
Kimball, Margueritte Papers
Kingswood School Records, 1930-1985
Kirchmayer, Johannes F. Shirley Prouty Research Collection
Kirk, Arthur Nevill Papers 

Lackey, Jane Papers
LaGrone, C. Oliver Papers
LaGrone, Oliver Scholarship Committee Papers 
Lauritzen, Martha Papers
Leitch, Nancy Papers

Licklider, Templin Papers
Lorence, John C. Jr., Papers

Magnusson, Carl Collection of Astrid Sampe Correspondence
Marcus, Hilda "Nikki" Resnik Papers
Marquis, Samuel Simpson Papers
McCoy, Katherine and Michael Papers

McLean, Elizabeth Wallace Papers
Merrill, Robert Hall Papers
Milles, Carl Papers
Milles, Carl Subject Guide
Mitchell, Wallace McMahon Papers

Mohler, Orren Papers


Papp, Josef Papers
Paulsen, S. Glen Papers
Pratt, Edmund Papers

Prouty, F. Shirley Johannes Kirchmayer Research Collection


Rapson, Ralph Collection, 1935-1954
Raseman, Richard P. Papers
Record Collection, 1949-1972
Reynolds, Corina Papers
Rider, Alan Papers
Riordan, Mary Papers
Rohm, Robert Papers
Rosenthal, Bernard (Tony) Papers
Rust, Edwin C. "Ted" Collection of Carl Milles Correspondence

Saarinen, Eero Related Materials
Saarinen Family Papers
Saarinen Swanson Reunion Records
Sampe, Astrid Collection

Sanders, Jack Papers
Schjolin, Maya Papers
Schnee, Ruth Adler and Edward Papers
Scripps, Harriet Messinger Papers
Scripps, James Edmund Papers
Sheffield, Thomas Paul Papers

Smith, Melvyn Maxwell and Sara Evelyn Papers 
Snyder, Ben Papers
Soderlind, Nona Bymark Scrapbook
St. Dunstan's Guild Records
Steele, Jack Keijo Papers
Stevens, William O. Papers

Strengell, Marianne Papers
Stump, M. Pamela Papers
Swanson, J. Robert F. and Pipsan Saarinen Papers

Swanson and Associates Records

Tanaka, Koichiro Photograph Collection, 1989
Thomas, Richard Papers
Trost, Betty Papers
Twelfth Night Records


Van Alstyne, Jayne Papers
Vanderbilt, Suzanne E. Papers
Vettraino, Dominick Papers
Vettraino, Festa Papers
Vogel, Virginia Kingswood Booth Papers 

Wald, Carol Papers
Wermuth & Son Photograph Collection
White, Lee A. Papers
Winkelman, Stanley and Margaret Papers
Winter, Jessie Papers

Wonnberger, Carl and Annetta Papers


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