Support the Center

Giving to the Center supports our mission of collections interpretation and stewardship in order to increase awareness of—and access to—the diverse art, architectural, landscape, design, and historical resources that comprise the Cranbrook legacy. Center supporters are life-long learners who enjoy deep engagement with the richness of the Cranbrook collections and exploration of Cranbrook connections beyond its campus walls.


The Center Fund supports the programs and activities of the Center and its cultural properties and archives.



Sponsorship of a Center event or program touches a global audience of engaged individuals for whom Cranbrook is an inspiring place.


Special Projects

The Center's special restoration projects allow for comprehensive interpretation, research, and management of Cranbrook's vital collections.


Fundraisers help support the Center's mission. Join us for our next fundraiser.


Planned Giving

A bequest in support of the Center is a gift with current significance and future impact.


Banner photo: Cranbrook Academy of Art students on a Campus Tour, September 2019; Photography by Daniel Smith (CAA '21), Courtesy Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research.