Live at Five

Experience an in-depth look at the art and architecture of Cranbrook's 319-acre campus, and the stories of the people who created them, with Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research Curator Kevin Adkisson.

From outside at the Japanese Garden to inside at Cranbrook Schools, the tours were conducted live in 2020-2022, from a different spot at Cranbrook Educational Community each week.

Season One

Image: Cranbrook Kingswood Lower School Brookside's Lone Pine Road Elevation. Daniel Smith, CAA '21, photographer

Season Two

Image: A 1936 Cranbrook loom frames Cranbrook Rug No. 1, Studio Loja Saarinen's first creation. P.D. Rearick, CAA '10, photographer.

Season Three

Image: Christ Church Cranbrook, Baptistry Ceiling. P.D. Rearick, CAA '10, photographer.


The Kentish Special

A Virtual Tour of Cranbrook, Kent

Image: St. Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook, Kent, England. Kevin D. Adkisson, photographer.