Cranbrook/Pewabic “Snowdrop” Vase

This limited-edition reproduction of Mary Chase Perry Stratton’s original “Snowdrop” vase (c.1903-1906) was created by Pewabic Pottery to commemorate the gift of Gerald W. McNeely’s collection of 118 original Pewabic Pottery pieces to Cranbrook. A new glaze was specially formulated for this vase that will not be found on other works produced by the Pottery, and features gold iridescent highlights on the snowdrop flowers and stems. The glazes on each one vary, making each Cranbrook “Snowdrop” vase unique. In addition to the “Pewabic” stamp on the bottom of the vase found on all works by the Pottery, these vases are also stamped with “Cranbrook” and “Detroit2017” to identify them as one-of-a-kind.